Gay Friendly B&Bs in Treviso

Going on vacation should simply be about relaxing and enjoying a well-earned rest. Vacations are for everyone: adults, children, couples of any sexual orientation, families big and small, and all of this influences how you choose the right place to stay.

So it’s important to eliminate any obstacle that can ruin it, choosing an establishment that you know will guarantee an elevated standard, with a personnel that doesn’t differentiate based on sexual orientation, and is always available to you to make sure that you truly relax and enjoy your stay to the fullest.

Sexual orientation, even today here in Italy, can be the cause of unintended misunderstanding, from reservation to check-in. This can cause stress even when you’re leaving for your trip, and no one deserves that. Nor do they deserve to be excluded based on their color, religion, sexual orientation or any other factor that could differentiate one person from another.

When one speaks of confidentiality, it means more precisely the ability to experience your stay to the fullest, complete with the respect provided by the rules of the establishment, and certainly without being discriminated against based on a sexual orientation that is different from what is considered the norm.

Why choose a gay friendly establishment

We begin with the premise that luckily gay friendly establishments are growing in visibility and on search engines, so it is becoming easier to find them.

That being said however, you don’t often come across them in Italy and even less so in Treviso, where it is unfortunately difficult to understand the point of view of most establishments and their personnel on a subject that should never be called into question.

As to be expected in a gay-friendly establishment, it is a guarantee that everyone from the guests to the personnel will be treated with respect. Obviously, this is already set forth by laws that say that no commercial enterprise can discriminate based on religion, origin, or sexual preference, but this unfortunately doesn’t always mean that it happens in reality.

In establishments like our BB in Treviso, which is gay-friendly, LGBT clientele can always find accommodations ready to meet their needs without any type of discrimination.

Gay-friendly establishments and local hangouts are not places of transgression but rather they are exactly like any other place; it only means that those who work there do so with the maximum attention and respect so as to avoid even the most basic of embarrassing situations.

With us, there is never a misunderstanding: if you reserve a matrimonial bed because you’re on vacation with your partner, you will never find a room with two single beds, and we are also happy to give you tips on the local haunts and restaurants most suited to your enjoyment, and even to have a chat over a good glass of prosecco.

See you soon!