Suite B&B Treviso
Doppia Camera BB Treviso
Suite Castelmenardo 39 Treviso
Suite Castelmenardo 39 a Treviso
Suite a Treviso BB Treviso
Suite Castelmenardo 39 BB Treviso
Suite Castelmenardo 39 B&B a Treviso
Suite BB Treviso

Suite B&B Treviso with double room.

On the second floor of our BBTreviso, like the Green Room, we have created an environment suitable to meet the needs of small groups of friends, creating a Suite B&B Treviso.

Our Castelmenardo39 Suite consists of two bedrooms, one double and one single with a French bed. As in all other rooms of BBTreviso, even in the Suite we find the private bathroom.

Being a Suite, rooms and bathroom are connected by a corridor, so as to guarantee the right privacy to both rooms.

The rooms are characterized by beautiful original ceilings that give elegance and at the same time make the bedrooms very comfortable with all the comforts.

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